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Pod Vapes | Vape Kits Australia

Buy Best Pod Vapes At Vaperwave

Over the years, the vaping industry has received some outstanding advancements, and the growth of e-cigarette culture is not stopping anytime soon. Currently, the industry has implemented admiration and transformation on all vape products - from advanced vape kits to vape e-liquid. Apart from being a mere tobacco substitute, vape has an entity of its own. However, many vapers continue to smoke cigarettes along with vape. Vape marketers have introduced a solution to this - pod vapes.

Pod vapes, also known as pod devices, are an advanced type of electronic cigarette that functions with vape pods. Pod vapes have a battery indicator attached to a vape pod containing e-juice. Both the components form a pod system. Other components are the USB charging port/slot, main body, and on/off switch. Unlike most e-cigarettes, pod vapes are designed to work well with e-juices that contain nicotine salt. Nicotine salt, as we know, is smoother and brings a pleasant effect on your throat. Besides, it also boosts nicotine absorption rate, meaning pod vapes are ideal for former cigarette smokers who are looking for a vaping option.

At Vaperwave, we sell a wide range of vape pod kits and vape mods Australia, taking your vaping experience to the next level. We store and sell vape pod kits and vape mod kits from some of the leading vaping brands in Australia. 

Buy pod vape with free shipping only at Vaperwave.

Best & Affordable Vape Kits in Australia

Are you trying to find the best vape kit in Australia at an affordable price? Do you want to buy cheap vape starter kits for your transition from smoking to vaping? You have come to the right place!

At Vaperwave, we store an extensive range of vape kits in Australia, suitable for every vaping beginner. Our e-cigarette collection consists of advanced vape kits, vape pod kits, vape mod kits, and basic vape kits in Australia and a wide variety of cheap vape kits from Caliburn (leading vaping brand). 

Caliburn cheap vape kits are ideal for smokers transitioning to vaping or anyone who wants an on the go vaping device. All the cheap vape starter kits from Caliburn pod kit are quite popular among Australians and here at Vaperwave.

Browse through our collection of vape kits in Australia and get vaping!

Why Choose Pod Vape?

Pod vape offers you several advantages over traditional vaping devices. Here are some of the pros of choosing a pod vape:

Convenient To Use 

Vape pods have a relatively simple design, making them easy and convenient to use. Most traditional vaping devices have operating buttons to function the system. Opposed to that, vape pods have quick sensors that detect the user and produce vapour automatically.


Being small and discrete, vape pods can fit into any pocket space. These small vaping devices are more suitable options for vapers who need a pocket-size vaping device that produces an ample amount of vapour.

Nicotine Salt

Pod vapes are designed to work with e-juice containing nicotine salt. Meaning vapers will experience improved throat hits and obtain superior absorption.


Compared to traditional vaping devices, pod vapes are relatively affordable. Pod vapes are ideal for vapers who have a tight budget.

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1. What Is The Best Pod Vape?

Caliburn vapes are quite popular among Australians and offer a wide range of vaping options. Check out our extensive collection of Caliburn vape kits in Australia.

2. What Is POD in Vaping?

Pod vapes are an advanced type of electronic cigarette that functions with vape pods. 

3. Which Is Better Pod or Vape?

Both are convenient for vapers. However, pod vapes are more affordable, easy to use, compact, and offer superior Nico salt absorption.

4. What Is The Best Vape Starter Kit in Australia?
Caliburn vape starters kits are ideal for smokers transitioning to vaping or anyone who needs a compact vaping device.

Want To Buy Vape Pods?

Browse through our extensive range of vape pods from leading vaping brands in Australia. Buy pod vape with free shipping only at Vaperwave.