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Vape Carlton

Buy High-Quality Vape Supply In Carlton

Whether you're looking to try vaping as a hobby or trying to quit smoking, Vaperwave has genuine and authentic vapes and vape accessories from the top international manufacturers at affordable rates in Carlton. If you are a heavy smoker and looking to quit smoking altogether, starting with vape pods and gradually lowering the nicotine intake by switching to box mods is advisable. Luckily for you, Vaperwave has everything from vape mods to pre-built tanks and their accessories.

Avoid Vaper's Tongue With Our Range Of E-Liquids

It is a common experience among vapers to lose the taste of the vape juice if they continue using the same flavour of e-liquid for a long period of time. This is referred to as "vaper's tongue". However, at Vaperwave, we ensure that you will never run into this problem and have smooth sailing on your vaping journey. We have over 300 flavours of e-liquids from reputed brands, ranging from candy and fruit flavours to dessert, ice and menthol flavours. There is something new for you to try every time you visit our store.

No Dodgy Products

At Vaperwave, we sell genuine and 100% legal vapes, vaping accessories and e-liquids at reasonable rates in Carlton. We work with leading manufacturers such as Uwell, Innokin and Geek Vape, among others, to bring you authentic and reliable products. We go the extra mile to ensure sustainability and portray the vaping industry in a more positive light. 

We Treat You Like Family

One of our major selling points is our friendly and prompt customer service. We give 90 days warranty on all our electronic devices and help with replacement if needed. We are known for our lightning-fast shipping all across Australia. If you are a beginner at vaping, we are always here to listen to your doubts and concerns and give reliable and useful advice. 

We have starter kits for both beginner and advanced vapers and take extra steps to ensure that everyone feels welcome at our store. At Vaperwave, we also accept special orders and get your vape delivered to your doorstep in Carlton at a competitive price. All you need to do is shoot us an email or SMS with the details, and we will get the task done. To get in touch with us, give us a call on 0435 111 372 or write to us at