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Our Advice About Media Campaign Against Aussie Vapers!

Important advice about media campaign against Vapers

We’ve all read the headlines before… ‘Vaping is bad for you’ , ‘Vaping can kill you’ , ‘A person vaped and got lung injury/died’ etc etc…

But what’s the truth? Is this real?

In the US, there was an outbreak of people with serious lung injuries in 2019/20 which they blamed on vaping. It is repeated and regurgitated by the mainstream media every so often which is why you hear about it still, even today.

The real cause of lung injury to these people was because they were vaping black market THC (cannabis) oils… Not regular ejuice (with or without nicotine).

Black Market THC Cartridges

  • Almost all the victims of the lung injuries were using black market THC cartridges, which are prefilled with ‘cannabis’ oil.
  • The black market suppliers added ‘Vitamin E Acetate’ and other oils as a cutting/thickening agent to it.
  • When the oils are inhaled, they cause severe lung inflammation (lipoid pneumonia)
  • This has already been identified as the problem even by the CDC in the US. But mainstream media in Australia still link the injuries to regular vaping.

Regular Vaping (with or without Nicotine)

  • Around the world there are millions of people who have been vaping with regular ejuice made up of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) for over a decade without any similar outbreaks. PG and VG are water soluble and are not oils.
  • PG and VG are widely used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries, and are safe to use.
  • There are many scientific studies which found no evidence linking serious lung harm to vaping.

Advice for Australian Vapers

Vaping is not harm-free. The best option is to not vape at all. Between smoking and vaping, choose the lesser evil.

The long term risks of vaping are still relatively unknown at this stage, but it is likely to be much less harmful than smoking.

Buying your eliquids from a reputable brands or retailers such as Vaperwave will ensure you only receive quality eliquid subject to strict manufacturing standards. Avoid black market eliquids at all costs.