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The Uwell Caliburn is Australia’s most popular pod vape kit. Uwell Caliburn pod kit has gained a very good reputation in the vape community for being reliable, producing good flavor, and its small form factor. We recommend the Caliburn vape starter kit to anyone who is looking to get into vaping, but also as a secondary vape to take out with you to those who already have a mod vape starter kit.

So what are the differences and which caliburn pod kit is right for you? Here is a quick chart to summarise the main points for you:

Vaperwave’s comments on each:

Caliburn (2019) Caliburn G (2020) Caliburn A2 (2021)
Juice Capacity 2ml 2ml 2ml
Activation Fire Button or Auto Draw Fire Button or Auto Draw Fire Button or Auto Draw
Battery 520mAh 690mAh 520mAh
Power 11w 15w (variable) 15w
Coil Type 1.4 or 1.2 ohm 0.8 or 1.0 ohm 0.9 ohm only
Charging Micro usb USB-C USB-C
Vaperwave price $30 $35 $40
Vaperwave price for coils $20 (4 pack) $20 (4 pack), $10 (2 pack of empty heads) $20 (4 pack)

Caliburn (2019)

  • Tightest draw of all of them when using 1.4 ohm pods
  • Only need to change pods/cartridges and not coils
  • Doesn’t have USB-C

Caliburn G (2020)

  • Aesthetically most pleasing shape / body
  • Biggest battery
  • Easiest to remove top cap
  • Switchable airflow by flipping the tank
  • Have to remove coil inside instead of replacing whole pod, can be fiddly for some
  • Empty pods deteriorate over time and need to be purchased separately
  • 0.8 mesh coil for looser draw, 1.0 for tighter draw

Caliburn A2 (2021)

  • Can see juice level from front
  • Only need to change pods/cartridges and not coils
  • Quickest charging time
  • Only one coil resistance (0.9 ohm) for loose draw

We recommend any Uwell Caliburn as your first vape starter kit, especially to those using high MG nicotine salts in their vape.