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Why Buy Vape Products From Us? Australia's Most Reliable Vape Store

Hi there!

So you've clicked over to this page, and you want to know a reason or two why you should hand over your hard earned bucks for vape stuff here on Vaperwave over other bigger retailers and online stores. That's fair enough!! I will give you some good reasons, seven of them actually!

REASON 1 - Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

My name is Daniel, I am the owner of this shop, and no one cares about this business more than me. If you are unhappy or not satisfied, I will do my utmost best to change that and make you 100% satisfied.

I'm here in the shop all the time, serving customers in shop and online. Do you think an employee can give you better service than the owner? Do you think an employee or online sales rep can fix your problem on the spot and make a decision? Every happy customer to me is a potential for more referrals, so I will do my absolute best to help you!

If you don't believe me, check out some of my google reviews here:

Here's what my customers have to say about me:

"I have been to Vaperwave a few times now and have had the best experience dealing with Daniel. He’s such a kind honest man that knows his stuff." - Daniel C

"100% there is no lies to say can't think any bad words.. simply asked for help to quit smoking n then he helped me alot.. good customer service n good knowledge of any types.. really good place also Sooo many flavours n sooo many good choices of vapes.. I recommend all my friends n won't regret to visit every time"  - Akiko

"Cannot recommend Vaperwave enough! These are people who really know their craft and genuinely care and want to help! Daniel has gone above and beyond, he is an absolute legend." - Lauren

"Easily the best vape shop in the area. The store has a great, almost futuristic aesthetic aesthetic and has always stocked the juices and supplies i need. The owner, Daniel is an absolute legend. He’s extremely friendly and knowledgeable for my needs. All around, a great place to shop, and the pleasant experiences lead me to this place as my go-to, always!" - Richard

"Customer service is on point here and the price is great! Dropped in to quickly grab some juice and get treated like family. The boys run a great establishment and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to different kinds of vape mods and e-liquids out of the hundred or so flavors on the wall, they helped me pick a handful that taste perfect for me. Look no further... This is your one stop vape shop!" - Alex

"I couldn’t recommend Vaperwave anymore highly! Daniel went above & beyond to look after me, & was incredibly prompt answering questions & queries via email. I received outstanding (customer centered) service! I will definitely be doing business again real soon!!" - Rachael

"Very knowledgeable service, friendly owner who is ready to chat and understand your vaping needs. He will also go the extra mile to let you know other products other than the ones in store to make your experience even better." - Henry

What's that? You want to read more reviews? Sure! Go here

And what?? You want to leave me a 5 star review?? That's very kind of you, thank you! You can do it here. Much appreciated! These reviews aren't easy to get y'know!

REASON 2 - I Used To Be A Smoker Like You

I started smoking when I was 16. When ciggies were $7 per pack! Man that makes me feel old saying that! I smoked tailored, then rolled my own, but usually smoked anywhere between 15-20 cigs per day. Would chain smoke 2-3 over my morning coffee at work, chain smoke again before bed, and cough up a lung the next morning. Yuck! So yes, I do know what it feels like, I do know what you are going through, and yes, I had all the same feelings as you trying to quit. Yes, I know that first cig with your morning coffee is hard to quit, yes I know the ones after a meal are also tough to break!

But you know what? People have done it! Rejoice in the knowledge that many vapers came before you and overcame this problem, and many vapers will come after you to overcome it too.

My tip for quitting morning cigs - vape a high strength nic salt tobacco or dessert flavour with your coffee. Don't vape any flavour that will clash with the taste of the coffee, so no fruit or menthols!

Quitting the ones after meals - treat it like a dessert and vape something sweet/fruity after your meal. Or if you are actually having a dessert, pair it with a nice flavour that will match it! Just don't reach for the cigs after a meal, reach for the vape instead, you will get used to it after a while...

Having someone who knows what you are going through is such an important part of the process. I am here to provide vape stuff to you but also mental support (but not give medical advice, I'm not a doctor).

REASON 3 - We Are Fully Compliant and 100% Legal

Ok this should be pretty obvious but we don't sell any illicit or blackmarket vapes here in my shop. No disposables, no dodgy juice made in a bathtub thanks.

We don't sell to teenagers, school kids etc... Yes that's right your children aren't buying them from me, I'm not part of that problem, in fact, businesses like mine are actually part of the solution. We are the ones who check ID, comply with all laws and are interested in the long term sustainability of the vape industry. We are not the ones trying to make a quick buck by selling dodgy sticks to kids, we are not the ones filling up our landfills with batteries of disposable vapes.

If you need a prescription for nicotine, we can direct you to some Doctors you can speak to obtain one. After you've got your prescription, we can give you a few options where you can legally obtain your nicotine from. We will provide as much help as we are allowed to.

We have been fully compliant with NSW Health legal requirements from Day One and will continue to be. Our shop is regularly inspected and we maintain a good relationship with NSW Health officers.

REASON 4 - Super Fast Shipping Australia Wide (Except for S.A)

When you shop online, you want your order as fast as possible. I fully understand, that's why I send out your order within the same business day (if it's placed before 4pm). 

A big advantage for us is that we have an Australia Post Office downstairs from here, so it's super easy for me to post stuff to you. I find that Australia Post is actually the most reliable for me, and rarely do things get completely lost (I think we've had 1 missing parcel in 3 years).

You will always get a tracking notification from my site (via sms or email), and from Aus Post once your order has been dropped off so it's easy for you to track your parcel. If you ever have any problems with your delivery, reach out to me, I will sort it out ASAP.

REASON 5 - Local Warranty and Replacement

Now I have dealt with many customers who have said to me the vape shop/website they ordered from is making a big deal about returning some faulty products or don't want to help with warranty claims. That's not the case here I can guarantee you. We do give 90 days warranty with all electronic devices purchased here and in the unfortunate event something goes wrong I will do my best to fix it, or give you a replacement on the spot. I have never left a customer stranded!

Don't be afraid to ask for help with your device if there is a problem, remember REASON#1 why you shop here? That's right!

REASON 6 - You Will Never Get Tired Of All The Juices I Have To Offer

There are many vape shops that sell their 'house' juice, and that's what they will always push you to buy. Why? Because that's where they make the best profit. You can't blame them, it's business. We don't do a house juice here. That means we have to constantly be on the look out for the next great flavour for you. We always have new stock of the latest brands to hit the market. 

We only sell juice from reputable juice manufacturers. No liquids from China. Every bottle here is made in a lab somewhere locally, or in the UK, USA or Malaysia. 

You will never tire of our selection of 300+ different flavours. There will be something new for you to try every time you come into our store.

REASON 7 - Special Orders, I Got You! 

You want it, but I don't have it. It could be a device, could be a juice, or something else vape related. Although it's not on my site, most of the time it can be ordered in for you as a special order. Remember, you are dealing with the owner here, so I will do my best to track it down for you, and offer you a competitive price for it! Just send me an email or SMS/whats app with the details and I will get on it!



Thanks for reading! I certainly hope that was enough reasons to convince you to shop with Vaperwave. I hope you can come in and shop with us soon and experience that all I have said above is absolutely true!

PS Coz you read this far, I want to show my appreciation and  give you $5 off your next order. Just enter the code '5OFF' on checkout to get it (min spend $50, use once per account). 

- Daniel

Last updated 14/7/2022