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Botany Bay Bottling Co. 60ml - Aam Panna - Vape E-Liquid
Botany Bay Bottling Co. 60ml - Vape E-Liquid
Botany Bay Bottling Co. 60ml - Vape E-Liquid
Botany Bay Bottling Co. 60ml - Vape E-Liquid
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Botany Bay Bottling Co

Botany Bay Bottling Co. 60ml - Vape E-Liquid

Aam Panna - is a refreshingly cool blast of sweet green mango juice laced with teasingly subtle hints of tangerine and lemon. In its drink form, it is commonly used to alleviate the unforgiving Indian heat. We believe we have channeled the spirit of this drink and created the ultimate summertime ADV.

The Black Cow - is a cognac infused chocolate milk shake. It's mellow blend of dark and milk chocolates combined with a smooth butter cream body will satisfy those looking for an acquired ADV. The Black Cow is surprisingly versatile, pairing well with a morning coffee, and perfectly complementing a late night scotch.

Robert Lindsay - is our take on an offensively under-rated profile: The Tobacco Custard.Expect a reasonably potent blend of vanilla creams with a few subtle rum notes and a blend of smokey sweet tobacco aromas. It has been successfully paired with High cocoa content chocolates, Whiskeys and Dark beers (the darker the better).

Now if you are turning your nose up at the idea of a tobacco, I want you to remember that this isn't a "cigarette" flavour...

Imagine for a second how a really nice cigar smells before you light it... Or how that freshly opened pouch of shredded tobaccos used to hit your nose. That's what we are working with here and it gets along flawlessly with vanilla profiles.

VG/PG - 75/25

Made in Australia



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