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Hitman Vaping 60ml - Gin & Tonic - Vape E-Liquid
Hitman Vaping 60ml - Vape E-Liquid
Hitman Vaping 60ml - Vape E-Liquid
Hitman Vaping 60ml - Vape E-Liquid
Hitman Vaping 60ml - Vape E-Liquid
Hitman Vaping 60ml - Vape E-Liquid
Hitman Vaping 60ml - Vape E-Liquid
Hitman Vaping 60ml - Vape E-Liquid
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Hitman Vaping

Hitman Vaping 60ml - Vape E-Liquid

Crafted by experienced bartenders and avid vapers with many years in the industry, Hitman Vaping is the first brand of it's kind. We specialize in exotic e-liquids based on popular cocktails such as the classic Gin & Tonic, the timeless Espresso Martini, and the ever-so-famous Rum & Coke, to name a few. 

Gin & Tonic - For those looking for something new, look no further. The fresh notes of Botanical Gin, quenching Cucumber, and faint Cactus, all perfectly blended with craft Tonic bring out a rich G&T experience that is familiar, yet unique.

Old Fashioned - A cocktail from the 19th century, the Old Fashioned is brought to new life with a unique blend of flavours including Kentucky Bourbon, Brown Sugar, and Blood Orange, to name a few. This recipe is a 21st century interpretation of a timeless favourite.

Rum & Coke - Get the most out of minimalism with a straight forward, yet extremely flavourful Rum & Coke. Accented by a unique vanilla and two base rum flavours to bring this classic mixed drink to life. 

Cosmopolitan - A contemporary approach to a timeless classic dating back to the 70s, the Cosmopolitan features a fruity blend of Lime Tahity, Cranberry, and Blood Orange, accentuated by a distinct dryness of Russian Vodka.

Mimosa - Don’t be fooled, this Mimosa vape juice is not exclusive to Brunch. A perfect combination of orange mandarin, pink lemonade, and sparkling wine, topped with a subtle hint of cooling freshness. We bring you the relaxing bliss of a Sunday afternoon by the beach.

Strawberry Margarita - Just like the fruit that packs a punch, our take on the Strawberry Margarita delivers a fusion of premium tequila base, sweet strawberries, and sour citrus. When shaken together, expect a taste that’s vibrant and flavourful.

Espresso Martini - Our Espresso Martini rendition is brewed from a blend of dark, rich espresso beans, with hints of Vienna cream and Vanilla extract. Expect a strong combination of rich, sweet, and dry flavours to compliment each other, revealing the true essence of the iconic cocktail.

  • 70VG / 30PG
  • You’ll find no traces of palm oil, overly sweet sweeteners or diacetyl in our e-liquids. 
  • Made in Australia
  • All juices are ZERO nicotine

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